Students of Hallmark University must at all times comport themselves in an exemplary manner, which reflects and exemplifies decency, morality and dignity. Their watchwords and personal philosophy should be ‘’stellar behaviour ‘’ and ‘’grace under pressure.’’  To this end, every student is expected to conform to the Hallmark gold standard of leadership in moral excellence. Students must conduct themselves with high decorum at all times and with the necessary respect due to campus staff, peers and visitors.


It is an offense for students to engage in any of the under listed:
i.    Admit or harbour visitors in the halls of residence.
ii.    Participate in loan sharking, betting and gambling activities.
iii.    Theft or attempted theft.
iv.    Use of illegal or controlled substances.
v.    Homosexuality, sexually licentious behaviour, print or media pornography, sexual harassment, assault and any form of physical abuse.
vi.    Cult activity, gang activity, fisticuffs, bullying, intimidation or any action which may constitute a threat to another person within the campus.
vii.    Membership of any proscribed organization, or any organization not registered by the university.
viii.    Religious worship in the halls of residence and outside of designated areas for religious worship.
xi.    Acts of religious, ethnic, gender or political intolerance.
x.    Seek any favour from staff, students or members of the community by offering or accepting bribes, or through any other form of compromise.
xi.    Riotous, incendiary or unruly conduct, inflammatory speech, verbal abuse and use of foul language.
xii.    Trading of goods and services.
xiii.    Shouting and playing of loud music which disturbs the peace and tranquillity of the campus. Ear phones should be used.
xiv.    Football hooliganism, heated arguments, uncontrolled behaviour and disturbances of the peace, when watching football matches.
xv.    Use fire, naked flames, candles and hot stoves. Rechargeable lanterns may be used. Cooking on hot plates or stoves in or outside the halls of residence is strictly prohibited. Only dried foods such as bread, cereal and biscuits are allowed in the halls of residence. There will be a commissary in each hall of residence, where students can purchase snacks, fruits and beverages. Any student found contravening this directive will be evicted from the hall of residence.
xvi.    Molest, harass or intimidate any member of the campus community.
xvii.    Scale campus walls or fences.
xviii.     Possession of any weapons, arms, ammunition, gadgets or instruments which can cause bodily harm.
xix.    Any act that constitutes an offence under the laws of the country.


It is an offense for students to engage in any of the under listed:
i.     Use high voltage appliances or tamper with any of the electrical installations in the    halls of residence or elsewhere in the campus.
ii.     Visit or occupy the Vice Chancellor’s lodge or the residence of any other member of staff uninvited.
iii.  Improper or unauthorized use of university property.
iv.     Destruction of property. Students will have utmost respect for the college grounds, structures and furniture at all times. To this end, graffiti is strictly prohibited and defacing of classroom and dormitory furniture will not be tolerated.  Any guilty party will be liable to pay a fine or to replace the damaged item/s as w well as face disciplinary measures.
v.     Vandalism or seizure of University property, or property belonging to the staff of the university.
vi.     Removal of hostel room keys from the campus. Keys must be submitted to the porters lodge before proceeding on overnight or weekend exeats or school vacations. C.     ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES
It is an offense for students to engage in any of the under listed:
i.   Walk on the grass and lawns. The manicured gardens, hedges, lawn and potted plants must be treated with respect.
ii.    Litter the campus school block, halls of residence or general environment. Trash cans and dustbins should be used always. When not in close proximity to one, all litter should be put in a plastic bag and then placed in a trash can or basket at the earliest opportunity.
iii.    Use bathroom and toilets in an unsanitary or unhygienic manner. These facilities must be properly used, and left clean for the next user.
iv.    Urinate or defecate in open spaces. Toilets must be used always, when answering the call of nature.
v.    Personal laundry in rooms or on verandas. Laundry items must be aired or dried on clothing lines provided by the University and must not be left to hang elsewhere.
vi.    Pour or jettison waste products or water from windows or top floors. All unwanted products must be properly disposed of in the appropriate receptacles.


Any violation or contravention of the Rules and Regulations of Hallmark University will attract severe sanctions, which in the most serious cases, will result in expulsion from the hall of residence or the University.