Department of Physics and Energy

(i)  PHYSICS (B.Sc. Degree, Duration: 4 years)

Requirements: Candidates must in addition to Faculty requirements possess credit passes in Physics, Mathematics and one (1) other Science subjects from Physics, Agricultural Science, Technical drawing or Geography.
Description: The aim of Department of Physics is to offer programmes designed to impact a very sound knowledge in all branches of Physics to the students. Courses are offered in Mechanics and Properties of Matter, Waves, Electromagnetism and Electronics, Thermal Physics, Atomic and Nuclear Physics Experimental Physics and applications such as in energy deployment, radiation and health physics etc. The programme will assist the students to develop the necessary skills, intellectual and mental training for a career as a physicist either in research or further postgraduate training.
Successful physics graduates will be well equipped for careers in Government departments  e.g. Meteorology, Geological Survey, National Industrial Research Establishments, iron and steel industries etc


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